The Good Shed Competition

Herringbone Kitchens is a local bespoke kitchen studio based in Canterbury. 

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Herringbone on: Faversham

Faversham is a small, beautiful town, just 10 miles out of Canterbury. With lovely sights, it is accentuated this time of year, the lights helping to shine through the town's wonderful streets. It also is the theme for one of our newest range of Kitchens. The Herringbone Faversham range is a lovely new style, ornate and beautiful. Primarily, it is designed as a statement kitchen, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on whomever sees it. For more information on the range, or to see our other designs and styles, visit our Canterbury Showroom, or click through to our other Kitchen Collections. 

5 St Aphage Lane Herringbone5.jpg

Nearly Finished!

In little over a week, the renovations of our showroom are nearly done! Save for the worktops, you can see the new displays beauty, and what a beauty it is! With a kitchen entirely designed by William, we really get to showcase what Herringbone Kitchens are really like, from the wonderful design, to the smaller details, like the wooden interiors. Drop in the showroom any time to discuss your new kitchen, or to check our new displays! Don't forget to check back soon, where we will highlight the completely finished displays!