Canterbury Day Trip

Our studio is based in Canterbury, a beautiful historic Cathedral City about an hour outside London on the High Speed train.  Because Cantebrury Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (and one of the Lonely Planets 500 places you should see before you die) it is one of the most visited cities in the UK, filled with hundreds of independent pubs, cafes, restaurants and interesting things to do.

To help our clients who are coming from London and beyond we have put together a map with some of the things we like to get up to, and places we love to eat, drink and be merry (and larry) in.

Give us a ring if you have any other questions about your trip to Canterbury. We live, work and love exploring our city, and constantly finding new spots. 


We also put together a map of just local independent spots to rest your traveling bones with a cuppa, cocktail or cuisine.