Join Us! Linn Event on the 14th of July at 6 PM at our studio in Canterbury

Come join us for good music and good booze with Linn in our studio in Canterbury. We might start trying to pair drinks to songs, while the Linn crew bamboozle us by showing us how a speaker hi-fi system can make it sound like you're actually at a concert.  Considering we get to sing more nursery songs at play group than get to gigs now a days, that is a pretty good thing! Come join in the fun- Elly is going to request we start with Queen Hungarien Rhapsody (live in Budapest 1986). What concert do you wish you were at?


Linn Event

You can just pop in on the day, but to help us with numbers it would be great if you could register by clicking the link

Hope to see you there! Friends, neighbours, dogs and children all welcome.