Style of the Day: Industrial Kitchen

We have had popular feedback from our country kitchen post. It seems many people agree with us that a country kitchen makes the perfect roast.

The next style we wanted to discuss is the trendy and much loved industrial kitchen. You are just as likely to see this style of kitchen adorning one of those warehouse lofts in Shoreditch, a social family who host regular parties or in any chef's home. An industrial kitchen is not meant to be pretty, it is meant for serious cooking.

The industrial kitchen is a working kitchen, every aspect of the kitchen is practical. From a massive island for preparing all of the many ingredients and tools used in the recipe, to a large industrial sized range cooker for making the latest Ottolenghi dish.  Every aspect of this kitchen has a purpose, and the purpose is to create gorgeous meals that could keep Gordon Ramsay quiet and chewing. 

Industrial kitchens can feed armies, which is good for those who have them as they often are the life of the party and use their culinary skills to host meals with family and friends every weekend. An industrial kitchen is a kitchen any guest will feel they can easily muck in and help with the chopping, braising, searing, blanching or glazing. In fact, in an industrial kitchen nothing is too precious and everyone can help in the cooking (or at least pour the drinks).

An industrial kitchen can fit in any type of home,  but works best in the homes where cooking and dinner parties are respected as an art.