Kitchen Ideas for 2015

We hope you all had a very relaxing and happy holiday season. To our customers that received Herringbone Kitchens over the past year, we would like to thank you again and hope you enjoyed your first Christmas with your new kitchen.

Here at head office we've been researching all of the newest kitchen trends for 2015 and expect big changes in convenience in the kitchen. Every day suppliers have been showing us new designs, materials and appliances that are being produced to make life easier for the average family.

We're excited to show you some of these new products and how suppliers have updated traditional designs to become more economical and have higher durability. Below are some of our favourite new products and trends for 2015.

1. The Sweepovac

The Sweepovac is designed to make cleaning easier. It consists of a vacuum cleaner hidden away in the plinth under your cabinets. Simply sweep up to the vacuum in the plinth and the Sweepovac will suck up all your dirt, dust and fallen cheerios. The Sweepovac then has a bag that you can empty, making cleaning the floor of your kitchen that much easier. To us, this is one of the most convenient products for 2015.

2. Dekton AURA

The Dekton AURA is a worktop like no other. The design is book matched so that even if you have to use 10 pieces of worktop (for one very very big kitchen), the design or veins on the worktop, continue making separate pieces join up perfectly. The worktop is heat resistant, scratch proof and non-porous so it will not stain. This worktop is perfect for the busy perfectionist, someone who is worried about the look of their worktop, but wants the convenience of chopping or putting hot plates, directly on to the worktop.

3. Two Tone Cabinets

This is a trend that we anticipate to see more and more of in 2015 and one that some of our customers have already started to embrace. Two tone kitchen cabinets are great because they create a more custom and bespoke look to any kitchen and allow for greater versatility and warmth. Often times a darker colour is used for lower cabinets and a lighter colour on top, creating a look that makes your ceilings appear higher.  The best thing about two tone kitchen cabinets is that it does not cost you any more to have great design, simply choose two (or more) different colours when you order your kitchen.


There are plenty more designs and trends for 2015 that we can show you in our Canterbury Studio.