Useful Tricks for Increasing Storage Space

Most of the time clients come to us knowing they want a specific item in their kitchen like an island, range oven or American fridge. We will start the design process around this. But practically speaking, one of the most important things in your kitchen is not the big ticket items, but how usable the kitchen is. Storage space makes a big difference to the day to day living of your kitchen. Being able to access everything you need without having to go in to the loft to get your bread maker out a couple of times a year is useful, and who knows, might mean you will start making bread more often. Below are our top 5 ways of increasing storage space.

1. Taller larder units can add extra space.

2. Internal drawers make things easier to access within a larder.

3. Integrated bins not only hide the bin, but also can offer recycling compartments.

4.Deep drawers allow space to easily access bigger items.

5. Magic corners are a great way of not increasing storage, but making hard to reach storage areas, usable.