Trick or Treat on the Kings Mile Sat 31st

October is becoming more and more defined by the spookiness that comes with Halloween, and everyone knows and loves the joy of dressing up in wacky and wonderful costumes. Here at the Kings Mile, we celebrate by inviting children to trick or treat in our shops.  Last year we had over 300 children and had such a great time seeing all of the costumes and passing out candy. If you have a child, or the child in you would love to dress up- come join other trick or treaters between 1pm-3pm on the 31st at the Kings Mile!



To get in the mood for the trick or treaters to come, this week we want highlight some of our favourite Halloween decorations, and good ideas for ways to turn your kitchen spooky, even for just a week. We know we will be decorating the showroom for the day.

Spiders webs and bats are Halloween classics, but there are more interesting alternatives to consider. A great tutorial by Melissa Mortenson on Polkadotchair shows how to make Floating Witch's Hats, but a similar effect could easily be done by simply adding the witch's hat to your lampshade! 

You could even try Matthew Ashman's great Cardboard Gravestones. Simple decorations are easy to make, and can really add flair to fit the festivities.



Food is another easy resource to use when decorating! Everyone knows carved pumpkins are great, but not many know how easy it is to find great designs for them! Pumpkin Pile is a great site which offers these designs for free - all you have to do is stick them on the pumpkin whilst you carve and carve through them! These can result in fantastic designs, like Randy Cox's Spiderman, or Elizabeth Noguera's Olaf from Frozen! For added flair, you could even try and turn the carving into a snack! Mom Shara made a Watermelon fruit monster for her daughter's birthday, featured on Heather Dalton's blog, which is just perfect for a Halloween party!

Having fun with Halloween decorations is a great thing to do, and can be especially fun to decorate with your kids, or even just for a party. Putting a little bit of effort in can be extremely rewarding. We hope to see you on the 31st!