Light Tips for a Bright Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen, often the aspect towards the back of your mind is lighting. It is easy to forget how lighting can entirely change the mood and feel of a room, and whether natural or artificial light will paint your new room in the best light.

There are a number of options you can take. The first is natural light, and many find this the best option. Windows and glass doors are standards in the modern kitchen, but you might consider a skylight. The feel of natural light throughout the day can make your kitchen feel more homely, and can be a defining feature when used correctly.

However, it is always important to remember that when night falls, your bright room can easily become shadowy. Varied lighting is important to ensure that come nightfall, the room feels just as comfortable and beautiful as during the daylight. The standards of lighting are fairly well known, but important to the new kitchen is how the design fits the aesthetic. Chandeliers or lampshades can add interesting features, and even give a glittery glow.

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives. Strip lighting underneath cupboards, or even in cabinets or around a TV can give a subtle, but more natural, feel to a room. Perhaps the best compliment to natural light is the LED system, especially due to the long-lasting nature of LED bulbs - almost 50,000 hours compared to the 1,200 hours of incandescent bulbs. (as well as a dramatically reduced wattage, saving on power!)

Should you want to go even further, many companies are incorporating technology into the LED bulbs. Hue, a part of Phillips, offers LED bulbs that can be controlled to change colour and shades to compliment the room, at the touch of a button. Connecting to a smart phone app, the bulbs can dim, flash, pulse and do anything you want, fitting directly into current fittings. Perhaps a more dazzling option, these will surely add a bit of flare to your new room!

A final option comes from the design of your kitchen itself. Lighter materials and paints will make a room feel lighter itself - light quartz worktops, a pale painted wood for the cabinets and a light colour on the walls will ensure a light room. The difference is, you get to choose. Designing your kitchen is a fun and personalised experience, and Herringbone Kitchens ensure that your design is what comes first.