Preparing for Christmas!

It feels like the school term only just began, and yet here we find ourselves with lights in the streets, trees going up and Christmas tunes being played over and over on the radio. Christmas is undoubtedly one of the jolliest times of the year, and for good reason! Great food, fabulous company and decorations that make you smile just to look at. Like we did with our Halloween highlight, we thought we would look at some of the nicest Christmas decorations around, before going in to the greatest Christmas treat you can get yourself next week (spoiler: it's a new kitchen!!!)

The first, and perhaps most obvious, decoration that encompasses Christmas is the tree. Everyone has their own styles and decorations to hang when it comes to Christmas trees, so it becomes quite tricky to rank any design above another. One very clever idea, however, is Thyme Is Honey's beautiful design upon which you can hang your Christmas cards in the shape of a tree. This is such a wonderful idea, as the cards which may go unnoticed on a counter or shelf are now the centerpiece in  a beautiful take on the classic tree.


The next standard of Christmas is the lights. Fairy, LED, blinking or otherwise, Christmas lights are beautiful, and can be used to great effect, whether on a tree, wall or the outside of your house. One that really took our eye was Amanda's DIY lights in a wine bottle, which creates a beautiful, yet simple, decorative piece. 

Decorations are a great way to involve the family in preparing for Christmas. Whilst the card tree and wine bottle designs might be a tad tricky to get kids involved with, one easy design to complete with them is snowflakes. Everyone remembers making snowflakes out of paper or card, and with a little bit of internet know how, you can find really easy tutorials to help make beautiful looking snowflakes, which can then adjourn your wall. One very simple tutorial is by Sarah on Frugal Fun for Boys, and features great designs which you can easily follow. 

Hopefully, this may have given you some ideas for decorations that you can make and spread joy with this holiday season. We'll all be celebrating in our own way, so feel free to share with us your Christmas on our Facebook page, the comments of this blog, or simply tell us about it in our showroom, open Monday to Saturday, 9.30-5.