Recently Completed Charcoal Shaker Kitchen

We have decided to do a new series to highlight our recently completed kitchens. Below is the first in the series, please let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see included in these posts.

When the lovely and energetic couple Eddie and Lorna came to visit Herringbone Kitchens they had loads of ideas on the type of kitchen they wanted for their first home together. Lorna knew she wanted a shaker style painted kitchen, while Eddie has always wanted an American fridge freezer. Will showed them the many different ranges of shaker kitchens on display in the studio and talked through some design options.  They both fell in love with the dark charcoal dresser on display in the showroom so to help them decide if the charcoal would be the right colour for them, Will gave them samples for the worktop and cabinets to look at in the light of their kitchen.

Original design on computer program

Will used our computer program to design the kitchen so that Eddie and Lorna could better imagine the space and look of the kitchen.  Together they made adjustments to the kitchen until Eddie and Lorna were happy with the final result. You can see from the below photos how similar the final kitchen is to the design.

The couple chose the dark charcoal colour and we are all so pleased with the results. Lorna has this to say about their experience with Herringbone Kitchens

"We can't stop looking at our kitchen! We are so happy with the finished product. Herringbone kitchens were not only professional and creative but also really supported us through the whole project. The design is perfect, as we wanted a social space where we could entertain. William was faced with the problem of being able to fit our big kitchen table into the design. He created a fantastic design to meet all of our needs. Highly recommend."

Click on the below gallery to see the design and pictures of the final completed kitchen.