Kitchen Trends for 2016

We've got the list of the biggest trend for kitchens in 2016, and you'll be glad to hear that the number one trend in kitchen design is no gadget, but utilises design in the best way possible to create a social room for the whole family.

1. Kitchens: the New Family Room

Most of our clients for 2016 are knocking down walls, adding extensions and putting in islands in order to make the kitchen the central space in the home. No longer is the kitchen solely an area devoted to cooking, it is now where we socialise with friends, hang out as a family and where children do homework. We have been helping families open up spaces so that the kitchen better fits in with their lifestyle and becomes a social space.  Building a social kitchen is helping families connect and spend time together at the end of the day. This is a trend we hope is here to stay.

Hythe Kitchen


2. Adding Seating

Penninsula's, islands and breakfast bars are becoming the norm. Again this trend is connected with desiging a social space. To accommodate this growing trend we have started to build and supply bar stools and chairs that perfectly match your kitchen.

3. Bold Colour

Going outside the norm and being bold with colour is very scary, but the results are beautiful. You an choose any colour you want with our kitchens, from mallard green to cobalt blue, there is something for everyone.

4. BrAss

We have been seeing brass taps, handles and backspashes and this is a trend we very much welcome. A touch of brass often softens a kitchen, depending on the style this can make the ktichen look more glamerous or traditional. It can also creatively make a feature of your handles or add a touch of colour to dark cabinets.

Hythe Kitchen

5. Islands Wrapped in worktop

We have been planning many islands covered in quartz, granite and silestone this January and are always blown away with how impressive they look. An island wrapped in a worktop creates a real feature in your kitchen

Recent kitchen plan

Recent kitchen plan