Quook-ing up a Storm

We here at Herringbone Kitchens can recommend nothing more than Quooker's boiling water tap. This kitchen marvel saves space on the countertop, eliminating the need for a kettle, and provides quick and easy access to boiling water - making a cup of tea has never been easier!

Quooker taps utilise a water tank placed underneath your sink, which keeps water at a toasty temperature, but due to its incredible vacuum technology, keeps itself at a low cost of only 3 pence per day. With the kettle being one of Britain's most used appliances, the Quooker tap offers a long term alternative. Featuring a child-proof safety valve, as well as pouring in a spray, rather than a jet, it is easy to stay safe, making Quooker unrivaled in the kitchen.

Quooker offer two options, with the accompanying side tap allowing for easy access to boiling water. Alternatively, the Quooker Fusion is an all in one tap, which features the same quality and ease of access to boiling water, but from the same tap which can provide hot and cold water. By fusing hot, cold and boiling into one tap, Quooker offers a sleek design, which is ultra safe, super efficient, and available in 8 designs and three finishes. 

Having used the tap for some time, both personally and within the showroom, it becomes hard to imagine using a kettle regularly again. Quooker taps help complete the kitchen, making life incredibly easy. For further details or help, drop us a line at info@herringbonekitchens.com or visit us in our Canterbury Showroom, where we can help demonstrate the Quooker tap in all its glory.