When it Shines...

The barbecues come out in force!

In England, it is very easy to focus on the rain, the clouds, and the general bad weather. With spring in full force, however, and summertime looming closer, it is important to remember to appreciate the good weather and fun times, no matter how fleeting. Already, the barbecue smoke from neighbours can be seen on the lucky days where the sun shines through, and nothing is more enjoyable than an event hosted in a new kitchen. This week, we're going to look at the positive effects a new kitchen can have when planning or hosting events for the summer.

The biggest effect one may feel is a new sense of enjoyment in their space. Previously thought of as simply a preparation space, the kitchen can now become the centerpiece of entertainment, and whether you have built through for more space, or simply renovated, it is far lovelier to spend the day with friends in a space you can be proud of. A new kitchen is certain to leave a lasting impression in your memories of summer and beyond.

The obvious answer, is, of course, a new space in which to cook and prepare for barbecues, parties or any other event. An oven built into a unit can save space and make preparing food easier, whilst new counter tops give more space for cutting, chopping and everything in between. Should you have an island, a breakfast bar or seating area can make the kitchen feel more personable and bring the room together, which makes preparing more social - the cook is no longer banished from the rest of the party! 

We here at Herringbone look forward to the summer, and with it, the kitchens we can help to create. We hope that we can help work with you to create your dream kitchen, and that it can help make your summer the most enjoyable one it can be. Please check in any time, in the showroom or by contacting us, and check our Summer Brochure for more details about us.