Mr Blue Sky

🎶  See how the sun shines brightly
     In the city on the streets where once was pity
     Mr. Blue Sky is living here today


- E.L.O, Mr Blue Sky


Despite occasional clouds and warm rains, it seems like England's week of summer has begun! Certainly, nothing is better than waking up to find that you need no coat or jumper, and the sun is out in force! To this end, we wanted to highlight a couple of things to think about when considering natural light in your kitchen, as much can be done to utilise the summer light.

Natural light is easily one of the most beautiful additions you can make to a new space. Whether through a new window, a skylight or a lovely set of doors, renovating a kitchen and experiencing the beauty of a summer evening shining through is indescribable. Surprisingly, however, even a small addition, like a new window, is enough to dramatically change the lighting in a room. In the photo below you can see a kitchen we recently fitted, and with only one small window, the room has a wonderful daylight glow.

As we wrote last month, summer time always means barbecues. It is easy to see the difference a new kitchen brings when a barbecue is hosted, between new space, good weather and a chance to show off. Plus, with our latest deal, with a free Neff dishwasher on orders placed before 30th May, the time has never been better!

Whatever the summer holds for you, we'd love to hear about it! Contact us to book a fitting, or come into our showroom, and enjoy the Canterbury sunshine!