Meet the Herringbone Team: James Colvin

Continuing our series of introducing the members of the Herringbone family, we have our favourite shop assistant, James Colvin, up next!

Hi! Give us a quick introduction; who are you?

Hi, I'm James! I study History at the University of Kent, and work in the shop a couple of times a week - chances are, if you pop in, it'll be my friendly face saying hello!

Tell us about your career!

I've been with Herringbone for about a year, part time during my studies at the university. I've really enjoyed my time - I'm fairly certain 'kitchen salesman' might top the list of odd student jobs! Otherwise, I work at a bar in Canterbury - anything to keep me from actual studying!

What is it you do at Herringbone?

I look after the shop a couple of times a week so Will has a little more time with Fred - if you pop in, I'll be writing a blog, tidying the shop, or talking to customers. I may well be your first point of contact in you getting your new kitchen!

What about design drives you?

While I don't work on the kitchens themselves, I love that I get to look at the photos and testimonies from customers, who all love their new space. Writing the blog week to week is great, as I still get to appreciate all the lovely new kitchens!

What project are you most proud of in your time with Herringbone?

The most rewarding part is definitely helping talk to a customer on their first visit, recommending certain units or styles, and then seeing them later, after completition, and seeing how ecstatic they are with their new kitchen!

Why should people go with Herringbone?

No other place offers the same level of commitment to customers - we like to make sure every decision in your kitchen is made with you, which ensures the new kitchen is totally your own.

What about you would people be surprised by?

I sing in 2 choirs at the university, have sung for 5 years, and played piano for 10 - athough, you might not be too surprised if you've ever walked into the shop, as I am quite often found singing along to music (most probably Toto's Africa!)