Meet the Team: Elly Simmons

After a brief delay, we return to our introductions series, this time talking to Elly Simmons, William's wife and head of Herringbone Marketing!

Hi! Give us a quick introduction; who are you?

Hello! I'm Elly Simmons, and I manage marketing and PR for Herringbone!

Tell us about your career!

Well, I am currently studying for my PhD at UCL, and work commissioning Maternity Services for the NHS. Whilst doing this, I have helped William by managing the social media and marketing aspects of Herringbone - I am much handier around an Instagram account than he is!

What is it you do at Herringbone?

I help the social aspects, designing the posters and adverts, posting on Instagram and Facebook - pretty much, if it goes on the Internet, I've had a hand in it! And while I may not design the actual kitchens, I've certainly picked the colours and designs for our own!

What project are you most proud of in your time with Herringbone?

Well, I'd be remiss to not mention our home, which we had to gut out and completely redo! It certainly was a challenge!

Why should people go with Herringbone?

William is a fantastic designer, and knows exactly how to involve you in every aspect of the design. Not only that, but we know first hand exactly how good our process is, having just completed it, and this knowledge and skill is unrivalled - we couldn't be happier with our new space! 

What about you would people be surprised by?

You may not be able to tell from this, but I'm not a native Kent-ian - I'm actually from Michigan! (Although, I'm sure this won't surprise you if we met because of the accent!). Go Blue!