The Two Week Wait

A new kitchen is an exciting time for any homeowner! The process from when you start a pinterest board and gathering ideas, to seeing it come to fruition can be long, with so many decisions along the way. We try to make the design and fit process as easy as possible for our clients, but ultimately, there is not much we can do during the fit, when you may be without a kitchen for two weeks. We've put together a list of some of the most helpful thing we've seen (and tried ourselves) over the years. 


Herringbone Kitchens


1. Get with Your Glamping Self

The electric camping hob is your friend. It can be set up almost anywhere and when needs must, means you can make a warm meal.No they aren't as glamorous as your new Aga, or Rangemaster, but they will work just fine and dandy during the two week wait.


2) Microwave

Most people have one and many meals now a days can be made in the microwave (ask any student). The only warning we should say is that you will start to hear the 'ding' sound the microwave makes when its done in your sleep if you have a large family and are heating up a microwave meal one by one. Does it work though for the two week wait, 'ding.'

Herringbone Kitchens


3). No Utility? Bathtub it is

We know desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes you can be without a sink for a very short period of time. We always try to put a temporary one in but, every once in a while, you might be without one for a night. When this happen to us, we discovered that the bathtub was a fine place to wash up dishes, we just don't recommend taking a bath afterwards.


4) Tea, lots of Tea

You'll need a nice cuppa in the chaos, and so will your builders, fitters, electricians, plumbers, plasterers.... Tea warms the soul, lightens the work and eases the pain. Make sure you have plenty of tea bags and a tea station for the tradespeople to help themselves to and you'll be a fan favourite.


5) Call in Favours

Once you have your new kitchen we are sure you will be having everyone over for big dinner parties. We highly suggest calling on favours from all of those people before hand for a warm meal- family, neighbours, friends, the postman....  everyone is fair game when you are two weeks without a kitchen and generally people really do come and help out. We once had a client who's neighbour made them nightly meals, and another who's mother would come around with cake. It's the little things that sure make a big difference.


Bespoke Kitchens

5.5 Get Away

If you are lucky enough to be able to get away during this time, we highly recommend it. Always fancied sailing around the British Coast, hitchhiking through South America or hiking Kilimanjaro, yes all of those things might be more relaxing (we kid).

All in all, yes your life will be disrupted for a little while, the transformation from a dry fit normally takes about two weeks. We can't promise those will be the easiest two weeks of your life, but much like childbirth, most people forgive the pain and say they would happily do it again.