Kitchen Trends: Two Tone Kitchens

Adding a second colour is an excellent way to add interest to your kitchen. Depending on the colour combinations a two tone kitchen can bring balance, contrast or boldness to the space.

One of the most popular ways of doing a two tone kitchen lately is with the one half in a white or off-white colour. This is a straightforward and easy way to ensure to implement two-tone design into your kitchen. With whites however, make sure to check the undertones, are they cool, warm or neutral? Some will have ever so slightly pinkish or greenish hues, so hold up your accent colour next to a few different options and see which one looks best!

You may feel that a dark colour you have your eye on and love, potentially will be overbearing or too dark for your space. The best way to keep the colour in your design, is by breaking the cabinetry up with a lighter, softer colour to balance the space. This way you don’t have to compromise on the dark colour you love. A two-tone kitchen will generally make a space feel and look bigger.

In addition to two tone cabinetry, why not add some decorative splashback tiles with a similar colour or tone to one of your cabinetry colours? This will make a statement gathering attention to the colour, but keeping the balance and harmony with the complimentary tones

Alternatively to ‘matching’ your tiles to your cabinetry, you could take to the colour wheel! This kitchen is a perfect example of playing with colour based on the complimentary colours wheel. In this example, purple and green are opposite each other on the wheel and look beautiful together.