Glass Units: Plain, Reeded or Georgian Wire

Glass units are quite often considered during the Design Consultation rather than planned beforehand. Most people don’t necessarily think about them when initially imagining their new dream kitchen. However, in our experience implementing glass units into the rest of your cabinetry can have beautiful results that will leave you wondering how you never considered them before!

Here are the types of glass units we supply and some examples of them in recently completed kitchens:

  • Plain: Straight forward and effortlessly beautiful. Like any glass units, plain glass will open up your space but will also display and showcase the items in your cupboard. Consider having spotlights installed into the top of your unit for a glow of light going through.

T Wells Kitchen 20.jpg
  • Reeded: This type of glass unit is very glamorous and will add an additional texture to your space. This rippled effect glass won’t hide your items but it will obscure the view.

  • Georgian Wire: A little bit different, a little bit cool. Georgian Wire glass will elevate your kitchen with its interesting design while still showing off your items.