Kitchen trends: The Rise of Pantry Larders

We have seen an enormous increase in demand for kitchen larders and pantry spaces.

We’re not surprised, as they are beautiful to look at, add height to a space and above all are extremely practical.

Whether it’s single door or you have space for a double (or even two double doors!), there’s ways of designing a pantry larder to suit everyone’s taste and needs.

You can have shelving and drawers, or just shelves, as well as matching the first shelf to your worktop. We have a signature larder design here at Herringbone that we are obvioulsy quite fond off, but being bespoke, means you can have any internal design.

Adding spice racks on the back of your pantry’s doors will free up a lot of space inside and makes all your spices, vinegars and oils accessible and more visible. These can be painted to match your cabinetry or left to match the wood inside your pantry. The addition of a rail here in the same metal finish as your handles will create continuity in your kitchen. It’s a small detail, but it works!

If you’re having a separate walk-in pantry, open shelving can be a way of opening up the space and keeping everything accessible, especially if you have a more narrow or a smaller sized room. Again, continuing the worktop through into the pantry will create a sense a flow of fluid continuity.