Mixing Metals: Handles, Taps & Appliances

We get a lot of questions about mixing metal finshes in your kitchen. Most commonly about mixing brass handles and accents with stainless steel appliances and chrome taps.

Essex Kitchen 06.jpg

It’s very common to mix and match finishes in a kitchen. In reality, it’s not something you’ll notice too much if your cabinetry handles are in satin brass and your tap is chrome or whatever different finishes you choose.

Westgate Kitchen 26.jpg

Don’t be afraid to mix cool and warm tones. Appliances are always going to have stainless steel handles, so don’t compromise your design ‘wants’ because you’re afraid of them clashing. Keeping it to two finishes is a safe way to keep the space consistent. For example, if you wanted nickel or brass handles, you could install a chrome tap that will compliment the appliances. Or, match your handles to the tap and keep solely the appliances for the second tone. If your handles and tap aren’t identical twins, it won’t be a problem. Contrast is actually the key here, despite it being the scary bit. Incorporate it as part of the design.

Bromley kitchen 14.jpg
Clapham Kitchen 24.jpg

Finally, if you’re still unsure about your metals clashing you can always ask us for help. We’ll have a look at your choices and give you some guidance!