Fantastic Ideas, and Where to Find Them

When it comes to designing a new kitchen, no one is expecting to imitate The Jetsons. You'll want something new, but nothing too outlandish - kitchens, too, are a type of fashion, and with the vast array of choices available to you, it can be difficult to know where to start. With this in mind, a point we always tend to stress is to gather, and borrow, ideas from others.

Perhaps the Smiths across the street had their kitchen renovated, and you liked the look of it. Perhaps your mother, or cousin, had a style you liked. Or perhaps you feel lost for ideas? Well, we're here to help: we regularly share the kitchens we complete on our social media and site, in order to help share the beauty and design of some of Canterbury (and Kent's) nicest kitchens. By looking at our recent designs, you ensure you'll be able to consider every option available - how an island would look, or perhaps considering natural wood, rather than painted? There are hundreds of ways to renovate a kitchen, and we want to make sure your space is truly yours.

Pop into our Canterbury showroom at any time, whether to chat about your designs, or simply have a look at our wonderful new displays.

Resolutions and Renovations

Happy new year! We all made it into 2017, out of the chaos of the Christmas break, and ready to start another year. The beginning of the year is actually the most popular point in the year to consider renovation works, and it falls down to one thing - resolutions.

New Years Resolutions are responsible for so much positive change in our lives; they help us consider the future, improve ourselves and look forward to the year ahead! As many people consider their homes an important aspect of their lives, renovations are often high up on their list of things to do, and we are more than happy to help. Dropping into our showroom, talking to our designer and exploring your choices for a new kitchen are all great steps into making your 2017 dreams come true! 

We will also be keeping up to date on our website, so stay tuned in order to hear wonderful tips on what to consider with your new kitchen. It can sometimes seem daunting, the amount of choice available to you with a new kitchen, but we're more than happy to help!

Canterbury - Where, What and When

Whilst the rain threatens to pop up every now and then, the beautiful sunshine does inspire summer activites. As we head towards August and the summer holidays, there is no better time to visit Canterbury, and enjoy its rustic streets and everything it has to offer. This week, we'd like to highlight a couple of interesting things to do in Canterbury, whether you're visiting or live in the area. 

Food is a highlight Canterbury has endless contributions to. There are so many great local restaurants, and you can definitely get a feel for the community Canterbury holds through its cuisine. Pork & Co., run locally, now hold 3 locations, with a Shop, Bar and Eatery, and a small deli sandwich shop called Little Joe's Deli. It must be said that eating here is an absolute treat (James, at least, heavily recommends!), and the friendly atmosphere is just delightful. Other great local restaurants include Salt, just a few doors down from our own showroom, and the great Shepherd Neame pubs, like the Shakespeare and Bishops Finger. 

Moving on, there is endless amounts to do in Canterbury. It is easy to get lost in the beauty of the town itself, and nothing compares to Westgate or Dane John Gardens in the sunshine. The Cathedral is an obvious highlight, but there is so much more to be seen. The wacky Catching Lives Bookshop, a small, crooked, charity bookshop right next to our showroom, is a good marker of Canterbury's unique history, whilst the Gublenkian, on UKC Campus, is holding a number of musical events this week before students return home for term.


Lastly, one can never forget that Canterbury is just one place. Whistable and Herne Bay are but a short drive, to mention just a few. Should you wish to see the sea, you're only one bus away, and in the summer, it is such a treat. Whitstable perfectly encompasses the English seasisde, with beautiful restaurants, shop fronts and a darling beach. The least we can do is guarantee that there will always be something to do in and around Canterbury, and we hope you make the most of it!