Guide to Dark Kitchens: Concerns & What to Consider

One common concern we hear from our clients is regarding dark cabinetry colours. Set the scene: You’ve spent weeks gazing at the paint swatches in adoration, you keep going back to that one colour (or, more than likely, two) Bond Street, Borough Market, or maybe even Sinner. The main concern: “Will it make my kitchen feel really dark and small?”

South East Kitchen 11.jpg

It’s understandable that you might find a dark colour daunting. While a dark kitchen won’t work for everyone, it’s less scary than you might think. If you are worried about the space looking too dark, here are a few considerations to make:

Choose a light worktop, wall and floor colour-

When choosing a darker hue for your cabinetry, if you want to keep the space feeling airy and bright, choose a lighter colour for the worktops, walls and floor. A lighter worktop and walls will reflect light in the space and create a beautiful contrast with your cabinetry. Your cabinetry design will really stand out with this contrast, so make sure you are in love with the design.

Westgate Kitchen 26.jpg

Choose a light or contrasting tile-

Another way to create balance in your kitchen is by introducing a contrasting tile for your splashback. You could run the tiles all around your walls between the upper and lower cabinetry to carry out the balance. We have some of our favourite decorative tiles available to purchase from the Herringbone Pantry.

Bromley kitchen 14.jpg

Think about light-

Consider the windows in your kitchen and which direction they facing. If you are having an extension, this should be a consideration that is made early in the planning stages and gives you the freedom to make it work with your kitchen design. Depending on the amount of natural light flowing into your kitchen, your dark cabintery will vary in darkness and tone. Paint a sample board with your colour and see how the light will change the colour at different times of the day and in different parts of the room. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have lots of big windows, there are other ways to introduce light into the space with pendant lighting, under unit lighting and spotlights.

Brentwood Kitchen 09.jpg

Play with handles-

The style and finish of your cabinetry handles will impact the aesthetic of your kitchen. Aside from making a difference in the overall style of the cabinetry, juxtaposing dark cabinets with a brass, nickel or chrome handle will create contrast and reflect more light into the room.

Embrace the dark-

If darker tones is right up your street, why not go all out and embrace the moody & cosy feeling that comes with darker colours. Paint your walls with the same or a contrasting dark colour. For an even grander effect, take the colour all the way up your ceiling.

Dark kitchen

Do you love it?-

The most important thing to consider is ultimately, are you in love with the colour? Do not worry what your aunts, neighbours or colleagues have to say about it, if the colour best reflects your family personality than it will always work for you. Does it create the mood that you want bring to the space? You will spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so think about what colour will make you feel happiest.

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As always, we are here if you are unsure and need some more guidance! Drop us an email or ring us to have a chat about your project.