Maintaining a Worktop

Once you get a new kitchen, it becomes a pleasure to cook and work in your new space, and often, we forget that our worktops need maintenance, much like anything else in the home. There are certain cooking implements and ingredients which can actually harm the quality of your worktop, and to help prevent disaster, we have a handy list!

The first, and possibly most secretly dangerous, is vinegar. Vinegar based cleaners, contrary to popular belief, can cause irreparable damage to certain worktops, such as marbles, natural stones or quartz. Warm soapy water is a much better alternative! Whilst these vinegar-cleaners are good for stainless steel utensils, aluminium and cast iron products actually react to it, so those too are off limits. Vinegar can be very useful - in the right circumstances! 

Wooden worktops are another difficulty in certain kitchens - maintenance is important to ensure prolonged quality. Oil-finished wood requires upkeep, in order to prevent stains or ageing. Matte or silk lacquer repels most stains, however, but the important thing to note is that most wooden worktops require, at the least, some care. It would certainly be a shame to lose quality in wood, especially as it is such an attractive worktop, so always be aware of the upkeep that comes with wood. 

Quartz and granite are very durable, and require much less in the way of direct maintenance, unlike the wooden alternatives. However, it is important to note that clearing liquids as soon as possible upon quartz or granite worktops is vital - it is unlikely, but can result in staining should the liquid be particularly abrasive. It is also important to remember to keep good care of where one places hot pots or pans - and this is true for every type of worktop! Whilst the durability of these worktops is very high, it is best not to tempt fate. A simple metal pot holder, or rubber plate can save one endless troubles, should the hot utensils cause any damage. However, Herringbone Kitchens offer a Silestone  Quartz and Sensa Granite, both of which offer a 25 Year Guarantee, which ensures staining will not occur.

We hope this short list has helped with some amount of care in your kitchen! The best thing one can do is treat their kitchen with care, and you are sure to be fine!