Maximising Space

Space... The final veneer.... worktop?

Star Trek references aside, keeping a tidy and organised kitchen can be a real task. Clutter from dishes, appliances, cookbooks and fruit bowls can make using your kitchen a chore, which is never how one wants to feel. Ensuring that the workspace is clear is a difficult task, so today we're dropping some handy tips to help keep your kitchen organised, both through day-to-day tasks and through renovation.

Firstly, keeping the workspace clear can sometimes be a question of making sure all storage areas are used. Window sills, wall space and the tops of cupboards can be handy areas to use for sneaky storage, especially for those pots and pans that are rarely used. A quick review of how one stores things can be a nice refresher, and can often result in one finding a more efficient means of storage.

However, often times, a kitchen renovation is done in the interest of creating new space. With this in mind, there are many different designs one can consider. Shelving above the hob can look fantastic, as can the pantry, which is becoming more popular across modern kitchens. Spice racks in the cupboard door are another fantastic, quick solution, as well as the wonderful Storage Solution designs we feature in our showroom and on our website.

Another fantastic design choice that can result in much more storage is the kitchen island. From cupboards, to wine coolers, to drawers, eating space and more, the island can be adapted to fit whatever design you need in your space. By designing this space, you can ensure that you get exactly what you need from your kitchen, and we ensure that this design is tailored to you.

Hopefully this helps with your kitchen, and inspires you to work out storage effectively. We at Herringbone make sure that any designs we make for you will be tailored to you specifically, and we work very closely to make these designs exactly what you want and need. Contact us at or come into our showroom any day to discuss further.