Showroom Feature: The Larder!

This week, we wanted to take a quick look at a fantastic unit to feature in your kitchen, which can help utilise space more effectively, whilst looking stylish and traditional. The larder, as you may have guessed from the title, is quickly becoming one of the most popular additions to new kitchens. 

The larder was commonplace before the common availability of the refridgerator, as it offered a cool, dry place to store foodstuffs. Whilst the larder has certainly declined in popularity, it is making a resurgance, due to its ease of access, and its superior storage. The larder can be used in a multitude of ways to fit into your kitchen design, and offers a great unit to fit into tight spaces, being available in a range of widths and measurements, in order to fit whatever space you have.

As a basic, two basic choices you have feature a pull out larder, or a door larder with pull out drawers. Both offer a large amount of storage for such a stylish unit, and help to keep the clutter out of the kitchen cupboards. Otherwise, you may also like to feature a larder-fridge combo, which combines both the unit and appliance into an incredible design space. 

Whether or not you can see a larder fitting into your new design, it is a good unit to consider, due to the storage possibilities it offers. We hope to feature more units in the coming weeks, in the lead up to our Showroom renovation. Drop in to the showroom any time for a demonstration, or contact us online to book a fitting.