Resolutions and Renovations

Happy new year! We all made it into 2017, out of the chaos of the Christmas break, and ready to start another year. The beginning of the year is actually the most popular point in the year to consider renovation works, and it falls down to one thing - resolutions.

New Years Resolutions are responsible for so much positive change in our lives; they help us consider the future, improve ourselves and look forward to the year ahead! As many people consider their homes an important aspect of their lives, renovations are often high up on their list of things to do, and we are more than happy to help. Dropping into our showroom, talking to our designer and exploring your choices for a new kitchen are all great steps into making your 2017 dreams come true! 

We will also be keeping up to date on our website, so stay tuned in order to hear wonderful tips on what to consider with your new kitchen. It can sometimes seem daunting, the amount of choice available to you with a new kitchen, but we're more than happy to help!

Renovations Underway!

A quick update from our Canterbury Showroom; we are in the midst of renovations, and wanted to share a quick bit of our progress! With one display near completion, it should not be too much longer before our showroom is looking spick and spam, and nicer than ever!

Goodbye's and Hello's

With the showroom about to undergo a fanastic renovation, we wanted to have a final look at the displays we've featured before they're removed. Whilst their style upholds, we wished to feature some new looks, and it will certainly be a shame to see them go. Our new designs, however, reflect recent kitchens that we have completed in Folkestone and Faversham, making it a perfect opportunity to visit the showroom in the coming weeks, to get an idea of what to look forward to!



Visit our Canterbury Showroom any time, or contact us online for more information.