When starting a kitchen project there is so much to think about and consider. We’ve been working to put together our best bist of advice for kitchen design. Below is a selection of our guides

Kitchen island white worktop
  • Guide to Worktops

    Learn all about the different types of surfaces and worktops we carry and what will work and look best within your own space.


Dark Industrial Kitchen Extension
  • Guide to Extensions

    Read up on extensions. From the initial planning, to the first design consultattion all the way to the final fit day.

Kitchen extension
  • Guide to Kitchen Plants

    Interesting and simple ways to brighten and liven up your kitchen with all sorts of foliage. What are some key plants and flowers one might keep on their windowsill or kitchen island!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get and receive on a daily basis is how to decide between choosing an island and a peninsula for your new kitchen. We’ve decided to break it down for you!