Quartz worktops are a popular choice as they are beautiful, practical and require less maintenance than other materials. They are scratch, stain and heat resistant - though not indestructible, so we still recommend using trivets for hot pans and wiping up spills ASAP. There are many colours to choose from and some brands offer a 25 year warranty.


Wood worktops bring warmth and character to a kitchen, with the bonus of being one of the most cost efficient materials. The downside is that they require a high level of care as they do scratch and stain easily. However, it is an option to use a more hard wearing material in your food prep areas and opt for a wooden worktop on your island or dining areas.


Nothing compares to the beauty of a real marble worktop. But it is also one of the least practical options - it scratches and stains very easily! It will develop a patina over time and for some people this is the appeal of choosing marble. Each slab is completely unique and it is possible to choose your own piece.


Dekton is an ultracompact surface which is extremely hard wearing - scratch, stain and heat resistant. It is available in a range of finishes, some similar to natural stone and some more industrial styles that imitate cement or concrete worktops. It is available in large slabs up to 30mm thick and has a high flexural strength, so it is a versatile option.


Granite is a natural stone similar to marble, with the advantage of being highly scratch, stain and heat resistant when properly sealed. There are many beautiful and unique types of granite, the price of these can vary significantly. You are able to choose your own slab and some brands offer a 15 year warranty.