“The whole experience of working with Herringbone to create our kitchen was a complete delight. As the kitchen is such a critical part of our home, we wanted to work with a company who took the time to understand us, our family and how we wanted to use the space. They were in touch with us throughout the process, have a very hands-on approach and were supportive every step of the way (including aftercare). We also loved that they are a friendly family run company using UK based products and we could not be happier with the end result.


It was also fantastic to be able to discuss all of the layout, practical, technical and design elements of the kitchen with people who were as enthusiastic as I was to discuss the different materials, tiles, handles and appliances etc, the pros and cons of each. As well as willing to discuss and accommodate our queries and changes. They also had some very sensible toddler-proof suggestions which have proved invaluable and probably saved a lot of crockery from meeting its maker. Although I'm currently banned from moving house for at least five years – they will definitely be doing our next kitchen! “