Due to high demand outside of our usual area, we are extending our bespoke design service to clients across the UK! As we are a small family run team, availability may be limited and we still require clients to visit us in our studio in Canterbury to meet our team, see our kitchens and choose what you want in your design.

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For clients outside of our local area Kent, London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey, there will be an initial payment of £350 for your bespoke kitchen design and plans - this will be deducted from your deposit if you order your kitchen from us and also includes an overnight stay at a hotel in Canterbury (which we will choose together) to make it easier for you to visit and enjoy your time here.

We work closely with our clients over the process of the entire kitchen design, make and fit and feel that in order to maintain this relationship, it is important for clients to visit the studio and spend time together so we can understand your project, style and how you want to use your space.

If you are interested in having a chat about this, call us on 01227 638066 or email

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Our studio is based in Canterbury, a beautiful historic Cathedral City about an hour outside London on the High Speed train.  Because Cantebrury Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (and one of the Lonely Planets 500 places you should see before you die) it is one of the most visited cities in the UK, filled with hundreds of independent pubs, cafes, restaurants and interesting things to do. We can recommend our favourite places in Canterbury for your trip, click here to see our guide to the best spots to eat, drink and be merry in.

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